Costa Rica: You Only Live Twice

10,000 Birds

Indeed, you only live twice: your second life starts when you bird Costa Rica for the first time. And, yee-haw, this would be my second attempt at a second life: three weeks ago I was invited to bird Costa Rica! Still, it’s Costa Rica I am talking about: I’ll be back.

Happy Global Big Day from Costa Rica!

10,000 Birds

This Yellow Warbler was looking fresh before it left Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, I’m not sure if we will get as much competitive participation as last year, but I do suspect that a lot of people will just be out there birding and submitting the results to eBird. Birding Birds Costa RicaLast year, the Cornell Lab Of Ornithology had this really cool idea to get as many people counting as many birds as they could, in as many places as possible.

The Little Big Year 2018: Best Birds of the Year!

10,000 Birds

This entire list could be made up of Costa Rican birds, but one of my favorites to capture was this Chestnut-backed Antbird. This bird is 3 inches long, lives in the darkest part of the jungle understory of Costa Rica, and never sits still! For shear beauty and color, it would be hard to ever find a more amazing group of birds that we found in Costa Rica. We spent a total of 22 days in Costa Rica, with 15 of those days spent truly birding.

2019 56

Packing for a birding trip

10,000 Birds

During a week in Costa Rica, I used it only twice. Don’t forget all the cables, chargers, backup batteries and international electrical adapters! When was the last time you travelled for birding? Since the Covid-19 era, I have become a patch birder.

Analogue vs. digital birding

10,000 Birds

Ben Lizdas commented somewhere how fascinated he is with optics: in this electronic era, the top-notch binoculars are true high-tech, yet they work without batteries. Inset: birding Costa Rica. Looking at a photo of a dozen birders on a Colombia tour, it stroke me that they were either using binoculars or cameras. Not a single one was using a scope. Okay, this was a shorter distance observation, but even in such situations I love to see birds through the scope.

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Veraguan Mango – Panama's ex-endemic

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In the last few years, birders in Costa Rica started noticing strange mango species in the Golfito/Puntarenas region of the country. The strange birds were identified as Veraguan Mangos and they have now officially been added to the Costa Rican national bird list. It is most likely that the species is not a recent newcomer to Costa Rica but rather that it has been previously overlooked or misidentified as the similar Green-breasted Mango.

Collaborative List – October 2019

10,000 Birds

Visited this month were; Germany , France , Austria, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Serbia, Costa Rica, Australia, China, Indonesia , Switzerland and Singapore). Costa Rican Swift – Chaetura fumosa. Costa Rican Warbler – Basileuterus melanotis. Fort Tilden–Battery Harris Platform. Fort Tilden–Battery Harris Platform. Fort Tilden–Battery Harris Platform. Fort Tilden–Battery Harris Platform.

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