On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

Animal Person

But alas, we' re too important and special to "manage," and every human pregnancy is treated as a sacred, blessed event, while we kill the kittens inside pregnant feral cats every day without batting an eyelash, and in fact we're relieved when we can catch one who's pregnant, as that's x number of cats who don't have to come into this world.

Cats Love To Play, But Lucky For You, The Best Toys Are Free!

4 The Love Of Animals

When you first bring home your new kitten or cat, you go to the pet store for the first time and can’t believe what you are seeing. They love to hide, especially kittens, so make sure that they have places to snuggle into. We have two kittens that are the same age, and we gave them each a shoebox, and you have never seen two happier animals. Where you see a twisty tie, cats see a fun toy to bat around. I played peek-a-boo with my 8-month-old kitten yesterday, I swear!

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