Guide Dog Honored as “Dog of the Year”

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A 9-year-old yellow Lab named Tanya from Arizona whose human partner is a blind golfer was honored as 2015 Dog of the Year at the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Annual Golf Classic June 12, 2015.

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Steps Towards Ending Factory Farming?

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Similar limits were approved last year in Michigan and less sweeping restrictions have been adopted in Florida, Arizona and other states. Tags: ohio eggs california humane society farm animal welfare factory farm Well, maybe, although I think there is still a long way to go. Last week there was a slew of articles about the agreement in Ohio between the farm industry and animal welfare activists to expand cage sizes for calves (veal), hens and pigs.

Animal Advocates' Successes Have Factory Farmers Running Scared

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The proposition outlaws raising pregnant sows in gestation crates and raising calves in veal crates , making Arizona the first state in the Union to ban veal crates. To learn more about Arizona's precedent-setting victory for farm animals, see here. September 7, 2006, a bill banning the slaughter of horses for human consumption( H.R. Calling an inhumane practice "humane" does not make that practice humane.

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