EU Bans Use of Great Apes in Animal Research

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Europe banned the use of great apes in animal testing Wednesday as part of drastically tightened rules to scale back the number of animals used in scientific research. After two years of heated debate on how to protect animal welfare without scuppering scientific research, the new limits, updating regulations from 1986, were adopted by the European Parliament despite objections from Green MEPs. Tags: chimpanzees europe animal research apes primates

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Support the Great Ape Protection Act

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End the use of chimpanzees in animal experiments. It's unconscionable.

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European Union Screws Apes Used in Medical Research

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Drug industry group EFPIA said the parliament had managed to balance the protection of animals, the reality of biomedical research, and the needs of patients. Here are the results of the EU flirtation with restricting research on primates. It's from a Reuters article from last May.I will try not to smash my computer screen in frustration.

Elizabeth Kucinich and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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She's the new Director of Public Affairs and she's already started lobbying for the Great Ape Protection Act, which would phase out invasive medical research on chimpanzees. Tags: chimpanzees activism apes medical research us For you international readers, she's Dennis Kucinich's wife. He's a US Congressman who has run for President twice.).

Cameroon Sets Up Park for Gorillas

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Let's keep our fingers crossed that it provides effective protection. Cameroon, with one of Africa’s highest rates of deforestation, has set up a new national park to protect gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and a rare type of antelope called bongo.

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Another way you can help right now (if you are American) is by writing your congressman in support of the Great Ape Protection Act, which not only will save chimpanzees from life in laboratories, but will also save millions of tax payer dollars!

Wild Chimpanzees Threatened in the Congo

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Hicks, a researcher at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), describes the plight of the apes and other forest creatures in a new e-book to be released this week. Sadly, there is evidence that the bushmeat trade is spreading rapidly into the Bili and Rubi-Tele protected areas, both of which have been recently invaded by illegal miners. Two of my favorite issues are chimpanzees threatened in labs and mountain gorillas threatened in the Congo.

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The Unalienable Rights of Chimps ,” by Adam Cohen (Editorial Observer, July 14): The Spanish Parliament’s decision to grant rights to apes is indeed groundbreaking, and will foster philosophical discussion about animal protection for some time. But Americans need not await the resolution of the academic debate, which is more about form than substance, before acting to protect animals. To the Editor: “ What’s Next in the Law?