“FedEx Panda Express” Brings Giant Pandas to France

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Two giant pandas made their way from China to ZooParc de Beauval in France today. FedEx Express donated services to transport the giant pandas in a special plane named the “FedEx Panda Express”! The pandas, three year old female Huan Huan and three year old male panda Yuan Zi, will be the first giant pandas in more than 10 years to be in France. Currently, conservationists estimate that only 1,600 pandas remain in the wild.

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Miracle Babies; Pandas and Leopards

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Each animal they raise to adulthood is a step away from extinction, with the ultimate challenge to return them to the wild. Miracle Babies: Baby Pandas. The giant panda is one of the world’s most iconic species, but its population numbers are critically low. It is extremely difficult for female pandas to reproduce in captivity, but the city of Chengdu in central China has become the worldwide epicenter for panda reproduction.

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Be the next Pambassador!

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Do you love pandas? This year’s theme is “PandaQuest” which shifts the focus from panda breeding and rehabilitation in captivity to re-introduction in the wild. Pambassador finalists will participate in the current panda release plan, designed to re-introduce captive bears into the wild. Be sure to enter for the chance to see pandas and help spread the word about these loveable, endangered animals.

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Saving Marine Animals that Are NOT Cute

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Examples include panda bears, wolves, elephants, tigers, etc. Tags: marine life marine animals endangered species We hear about the problem with charismatic land species. It's those species that either have a powerful personality or a cute face that endear people to them and garner news attention. It's easier to motivate people to save them as opposed to other species that are vital, but either boring or ugly. It's the same problem with marine life.

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US Groups Fight to Save Polar Bear Hunts

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Supposedly, environmentalists and animal rights activists have "unfairly made the polar bear into 'the panda bear of North America.'" Now that the species is listed in the US as "threatened," hunters can't import the dead body parts (aka hunting "trophies") in from Canada. Waaaaaaa! insert crying baby picture here.) Here's the article from the Globe and Mail.

Does it Count? or Is This a List I See Before Me?

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You may have noticed when conversing with them that the distinction between an animal counting or not is much less important. The average woman or man will tell you that they have seen a penguin, or an armadillo, or a panda. Regular readers to the blog may have noticed Redgannet’s post on some delightful finchbills he saw in China.

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