Michael Vick Expects to Return to the NFL

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While Vick still has a contract with the Falcons, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would have the final say on his return, which he is counting on after he is released. His court date for felony animal cruelty and dogfighting charges is set for November 25. This according to his bankruptcy attorneys.

Hampton L. Carson (1852-1929) on the Punishment of Animals

Animal Ethics

Noblemen in armour, proud dames in velvet and feathers, priests in cassock and cowl, falconers with hawks upon their wrists, huntsmen with hounds in leash, aged men with their staves, withered hags with their baskets or reticules, children of all ages and even babes in arms were among the spectators. Carson , "The Trial of Animals and Insects: A Little Known Chapter of Mediæval Jurisprudence," Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 56 [1917]: 410-5, at 410