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We Should Kill More Lions

10,000 Birds

The interests of those working for conservation and those working for animal rights and animal welfare don’t always perfectly align like you might think they do. There are times when acting in the conservation interest of a species or ecosystem means that the welfare of specific animals is compromised, which is a fancy way of saying that conservationists sometimes have to kill animals for the greater good.

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Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

10,000 Birds

Although lip service was paid to the fact that lions are endangered and a lion was poached, the language of anger was the language of animals rights. The killing of Cecil was equated with murder, a moral crime rather than a symptom of a ecological problem. Throw in a dash of culture wars (a hatred of gun culture and rich white people doing expensive things) and you’ve got an animal rights story waging across the internet, only one that has a huge impact on conservation.

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