On Humane Societies and Calf-Roping

Animal Person

Here's the backstory: Calgary has what they call a " western culture ," which essentially is their two word justification for abusing animals in the cruel and not-even-close-to fair venue of people-over-animals-who-don't-stand-a-chance. The Vancouver Humane Society wanted to run the calf=baby/roper=bully ad in the Calgary Sun , which decided against the idea as the abuse of animals is part of their " very proud local institution." Safe, unharmed rodeo animals is an oxymoron).

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

If there were transparency to the public spectacle of bull riding, it would be clear that this is a frantically scared animal desperately trying to escape. Bull riding events in rodeos are notorious for using spurs, flank straps and electric prods to promote bucking and to control the bull. The use of animals in entertainment when animal cruelty is involved is deplorable, whether it is dog fighting or bull riding.