NARN Protests Fur Store in Everett, WA

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Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) will be staging protests at this fur store in Everett, WA. Fieck Furs. Here is their idea of a fur coat. Tags: seattle fur The company is Terry L. Nice and GREEN! Literally and sarcastically.

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Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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In " 'Animal Rights:' Pernicious Nonsense for Both Law & Public Policy ," Massachusetts attorney and "sportsman" Richard Latimer is on the mark with some concepts, and way off with others. However, both his perceptions and misconceptions are based on: 1) observing the work of PeTA and HSUS; and 2) the assumption that those two organizations are in the same category--"animal rights." Now, I know you're saying: That's not what animal rights is.

On Small Victories

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Yesterday's " Do Small Victories Affect Big Picture in Animal Rights Debate? Both, of course, were seen as victories, but the article's author, Richard Foot, asks: Do such successes mean the animal rights movement is winning its long, controversial campaigns to gain the same legal protections for animals as those ascribed to humans? restaurants by animal rights activists." Paul Watson 's response is, I think, the right one.

Twenty Years Ago

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But I saw on television that certain animal-rights activists demonstrated against the wearing of furs. The message is that wearing fur is wrong. Apparently, the primary consumers of furs these days are young, career-oriented women. They consider furs a luxury item, a sign that one has “made it” in the business world. One woman on television, trying on a fur, exclaimed “I wouldn’t mind finding this under my Christmas tree!”. 11-27-87.

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