Dogtown Episode 3 - The Vick Dogs

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Rescuing the Vick dogs was a controversial move by Best Friends and some animal groups, most notably PETA, did not agree with it. I'm a dues-paying member of both groups but, while I support euthanasia when it is CLEARLY an act of mercy, I come down pretty hard on Best Friends' side here. And the dogs deserve a happy life after all the suffering they have been through (two of them have already been adopted.)

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Leona Helmsley's Fortune Goes to Medical Research

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Over $100 million went to medical research while about $1 million went to animal welfare causes. Actually, less than $1 million dollars went to animal welfare because a portion went to guide dog associations and that is human welfare as far as I’m concerned.) Originally, animal groups actually thought they’d get a huge piece of the estate because Leona Helmsley had supposedly wanted it that way. Yesterday I read about how Leona Helmsley’s estate was divided up.