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40 Ways to Help Lab Animals

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Thanks to Patty at Animal Rights-Do Whatever is Necessary for reposting this list of 40 ways to help lab animals. 9.Read The better informed you are, the greater the impact you can make, so read everything you can. When you read stories in major newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Newsweek, be wary of simplification, bias, and a tendency to support traditional views indifferent to animals’ interests.

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Animal Ethics

Hi Keith, Here are some links to some exceptionally moving and informative online audio lectures on vegetarianism & animal ethics from a Christian perspective. If you would inform them of this resource, that'd be great. MP3: " Animal Rights & Christian Responsibility " MP3: " Living Toward the Peaceable Kingdom " Notes: " Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation " Notes: " Animal Rights and Christian Responsibility " Thanks, Nathan Nobis

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