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Animal Ethics

Hey there, Just discovered your nice blog on animals and ethics. I've touched on relevant issues off and on, but most specifically in a 2004 piece on arguments for and against whale hunts. I'm going to add Animal Ethics to my blogroll. Revkin The New York Times / Science 620 Eighth Ave., I've linked back to that story in my latest post on Japan v Greenpeace saga on my Dot Earth blog.

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Introducing Myself

Animal Ethics

I had a strong interest in science because of its reliance on reason and skepticism, which struck me as very good tools for truth seeking (which is ultimately what I am interested in). When I came across Philosophy, I immediately saw that it was the tree from which the branch of science had grown. Currently, I am very interested in social and political philosophy and ethical issues. Currently, I do not believe that killing an animal is prima facie morally wrong.

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