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Introducing Myself

Animal Ethics

Keith has not only been my favorite Philosophy professor that I have studied under during the course of my college experience, but my favorite professor in general. I was a Biology major for two and a half years before I finally got the courage to take the plunge and switch to Philosophy, though I had been taking Philosophy courses since my first semester. Currently, I am very interested in social and political philosophy and ethical issues. Hi there, I'm Jonathan.

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Prima Facie vs. Ultima Facie Wrongness

Animal Ethics

Jonathan Hubbell, a philosophy major at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the newest member of the Animal Ethics blog, and once again, I would like to welcome him aboard. Like Keith, I think it will be interesting and instructive to observe as Jonathan works through his views on the myriad of ethical issues that surround our current treatment of animals. It truly is horrific and despicable to treat animals so badly.

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