Foie Gras Disappearing From San Diego Restaurants

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Here in Seattle, NARN (Northwest Animal Rights Network) has been staging protests at a local restaurant that serves foie gras. Having said that though, I see that these types of protests have had an effect in the San Diego area. I guess small protests like NARN's seem futile when compared to the overwhelming issue of animal welfare, but you have to think that a number of small protests over time can have a large cumulative impact.

Bloodless Bullfights No Longer Interest Me

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But within the last year, an animal cruelty investigation almost shut one down because spikes were being used to antagonize the bull. This was a clear violation of animal law. Next time, though, I might want to hook up with an animal rights group to protest. I used to support the bloodless bullfights held in California. These bullfights are allowed because they are part of religious festivals in the Portuguese-American community.

2008 100

Moral Vegetarianism, Part 8 of 13

Animal Ethics

In fact, animals used for food do suffer a great deal. Now there is no doubt that the actual treatment of animals used for food is immoral, that animals are made to suffer needlessly. One argument is this: The present practice of treating animals used for food is immoral and should be changed. KBJ: Singer’s claim is that one should not contribute, even incrementally, to animal suffering. Certainly, not eating meat could have this protest function.