ALDF Calling for An Animal Abuser Registry

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It sounds like they are calling for an animal abuse equivalent of the sex offender registry. Wouldn't you want to know if a violent or repeat animal abuser were living next door to you and your family? Communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers. In story after heartbreaking story, abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals, and often go on to victimize people as well.

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BLM Admits Horse Roundups Have Involved Mistreatment

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An internal review by the US Bureau of Land Management admits that the roundup of wild horses has involved some mistreatment, but they refuse to admit the treatment was inhumane. Bureau of Land Management's internal review of a wild horse roundup in Nevada found some mustangs were whipped in the face, kicked in the head, dragged by a rope around the neck, and repeatedly shocked with electrical prods, but the agency concluded none of the mistreatment rose to the level of being inhumane.

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Undercover Video Sparks Calls for Canadian Ban on Horse Meat

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Animal rights groups are calling for a ban on the sale of horse meat after disturbing video at a slaughterhouse in west Quebec was sent to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. It shows a parade of horses being stunned with what's called a captive bolt pistol. At one point, a worker can be seen stunning a horse and waving goodbye. Under Canadian laws, one shot is supposed to render the horse unconscious but it often doesn't happen. Excerpted from CTV.CA.

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Missouri Legislature Attacks Horse Activist

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Missouri is going to vote on allowing horse slaughterhouses back into the State. Some of the legislators started harassing the horse activist. Some legislators programmed their e-mail systems to forward any message containing the word "horse" to Shoss. Even when her organization got involved in the high-profile animal abuse case of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, she had never seen such a vitriolic reaction. Now this is just juvenile.

Sheriff's Deputy Demoted for Helping Animals

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A deputy sheriff in North Carolina was demoted for getting involved in animal abuse cases without involving the local animal control officers. Sergeant Michael Lewis was demoted after he helped rescue malnourished horses in the Hampstead area. Monday, Sheriff Smith cited two other incidents where he claims Lewis took over animal abuse cases without informing animal control. Were the cases valid, or was he abusing his authority?

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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I recently got an email from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. They are pioneering legislation in California to make public animal abuse registries. The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) today announced an effort aimed at creating public registries in each state of anyone convicted of felony animal abuse. sexual abuse, and animal fighting as well as neglect (such as hoarding). About the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Are We Much Better than Michael Vick?

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Is what he did consciously to his pitbulls that much worse than what we do unconsciously to animals every day? Some of us forget that dogs are mere animals, and that animal mistreatment is as American as Apple iPods. Like Vick, most of us shamelessly abuse and kill animals. Hunters shoot down animals in cold blood for mere sport. So why is one type of animal cruelty (dogfighting) more reprehensible than another (lobster-boiling)?