Africa’s Barbets

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White-chested Tinkerbird is one of Africa’s avian mysteries, known only from a single specimen collected in 1964 at Mayau in north-west Zambia, close to the borders of Angola and the DRC. White-headed can be found in huge fig trees in woodlands of east and central Africa with a tiny isolated population in Angola. He discovered numerous new species for science including this barbet and was the first person to confirm the existence of both Gorillas and Pygmies.

South Africa’s endemic birds

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In 1996, several pipit specimens were collected for DNA analysis and it turned out that there was not one, but two new species to science in this sample! However during a summer visit to the far northwest of Zambia on the DRC-Angola border, I filmed pipits with young that Richard Liversidge, just before his untimely passing, confirmed were Long-tailed. My home country of South Africa can only be described as a birding paradise!

Africa’s endangered species

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More than 150 bird species are known to have become extinct over the past 500 years, and many more are estimated to have been driven to extinction before they became known to science. Image by Adam Riley Ludwig’s Bustard This attractive dry country bustard ranges across western South Africa, Namibia and just into southern Angola.

Collaborative List – November 2019

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Angola Swallow – Hirundo angolensis. Despite last month being a record month by every measure we could think of, the cumulative total for the year had barely scraped past 2,400. I approached The Management to seek their opinion. Something needed to be done.

2019 56

Best Bird of the Year for 2015

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The African or Angola Pitta is the holy grail of the Southern African birder and definitely the “most-wanted” bird in our region. At least she contributed to science… My Best Bird of the Year was a Snowy Plover , which I first spotted along the Florida Panhandle. I love participating in citizen science!

2015 63