Five Famous First Pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Kennedy’s family owned many pets, including a horse, which was a present to 5 year-old Caroline Kennedy. And the most unusual pets (alligator and silkworms) belonged to John Quincy Adams. Today is George Washington’s birthday! So in celebration, here is a fun list of Five Famous First Pets. Socks the cat. First Cat from 1993-2001): Socks was a black and white “tuxedo” American Shorthair cat belonging to Bill Clinton. He often visited schools and hospitals.

On Teaching Children

Animal Person

Are the kids cooking monkey, cat, dog, alligator or turtle? What I do know is that if you're going to teach children about the standard American diet, there will be a certain amount of lies of omission or spin or other nuances of dishonesty that will be necessary in order to keep them on track with learning what they're supposed to learn: that it's okay to eat beings as sentient as the family dog.

The Emotional Lives of Animals

4 The Love Of Animals

Elephants, whales, hippopotamuses, giraffes, and alligators use low-frequency sounds to communicate over long distances, often miles; and bats, dolphins, whales, frogs, and various rodents use high-frequency sounds to find food, communicate with others, and navigate. Chimpanzees and elephants grieve the loss of family and friends, and gorillas hold wakes for the dead. Paul’s family noticed that whenever he was about to have an attack, Tinker would get agitated.