Into an Uncertain Future

10,000 Birds

The crucial factor limiting the maximum baggage is the transport of the entire German population to their new home in the central Saharan desert regions of southern Algeria, Mali and Niger by camel. May 2013 was the wettest May on record, like… ever, with extreme flood events that even killed people. Thankfully, financial aspects were not an issue as the selling of Heligoland to the British birder scene alone allowed us to purchase much of southern Algeria.

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Africa’s endangered species

10,000 Birds

An adult (left) and subadult (right) White-backed Vulture with full crops after feeding on the remains of a Lion kill, Ndutu, Tanzania by Adam Riley. What is interesting is that these three vulture species are actually numerically the most common vultures and most frequently encountered at kills and other food sources, yet they are the species that are facing the greatest population declines and highest risk of extinction.