Into an Uncertain Future

10,000 Birds

The crucial factor limiting the maximum baggage is the transport of the entire German population to their new home in the central Saharan desert regions of southern Algeria, Mali and Niger by camel. Thankfully, financial aspects were not an issue as the selling of Heligoland to the British birder scene alone allowed us to purchase much of southern Algeria. Of course we are not officially allowed to take living animals with us (allegedly, Leberwurst is fine).

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The Bee-eaters of Africa

10,000 Birds

These beaters usually take the form of grazing herds of game and domestic animals, and large flocks of carmine bee-eaters may gather overhead. Morocco and Algeria) and migrates to tropical West Africa. The wonderful family Meropidae contains 27 dazzling species, of which Africa is endowed with no less than 20 species, the balance occurring across Asia and with one as far afield as Australia.