The Conflict Between Animal Welfare and Agribusiness

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This article pretty much sums up how the two agendas are simply at cross-purposes. It spotlights the Humane Society, but I think it's a pretty universal comparison. Tags: corporate lies humane society agriculture agribusiness Compassion is perceived to hurt profits.

On Teaching Children

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Any other factories on the agenda? If you're going to call something an anthropological adventure, it would make sense to teach the kids about the other animals humans eat and give the kids the opportunity to prepare and eat dog, cat and monkey, no? It just so happens that after I read Bea's comment from yesterday about reaching kids with our message I saw a New York Times article from today called " Where Little Chefs Learn the Art of Slicing and Dicing ," by Ann Farmer.

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Always Question a Scientist

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And those scientists are humans with the same motivations and agendas as any other human. and an accountant and an economist and any other "expert" that uses their field to claim a moral authority. This statement is mainly motivated by a recent conversation with someone who has a science degree (I think it's biology), but who actually works for a clinical testing company.

Agenda 100

On Letting Your Emotions Rule the Day

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Once you know what his title is, there is little to be surprised about regarding his rhetoric, but it's still interesting to see how he spins his topic, and particularly how authoritative he tries to sound when it's clear that his agenda either doesn't allow for him to educate himself or doesn't allow for him to admit that his agenda trumps the facts. We give them human names and provide them with the same amenities we enjoy as humans.