Key AETA Supporter Suspended Over Animal Welfare

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From She was recently suspended from working with animals, a “rare move prompted by what officials called a ‘clear pattern’ of problems with animal welfare.” Tags: animal research animal enterprise terrorism act primates University of Wisconsin Michelle Basso was a researcher at the University of Wisconsin who worked with primates. She testified in favor of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

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Conklin Farm Owner Will Not Face Charges

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Interestingly enough, AETA has been dragged into this whole mess even though it's a case where animal abuse was probably committed by another employee facing charges. Tags: ohio animal enterprise terrorism act mercy for animals farm animal welfare From the Columbus Dispatch. A Union County grand jury has decided the owner of a Union County dairy farm caught in an abuse scandal should not face criminal charges.on

01/02/09 Podcast Uploaded

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