The Shelter Pet Project

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This new campaign, sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund, and the Ad Council, hopes to reverse this trend and find homes for these homeless, lovable pets. The campaign has one unified goal, to increase pet adoption.

Is Charles with Lars Axl Fokker?

Animal Person

In all of the lovely messages we've been getting, I've noticed two trends: 1) Death is a communal experience as well as an individual one.

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15 Resources for Employer Branding Professionals

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Glassdoor Global Recruiting Trends report Glassdoor’s 5th annual report uncovers worldwide recruiting trends that will help you identify employer branding best practices and understand how EB has developed over the years. Managing your company’s employer brand is no small feat. It’s a constant, always-on responsibility, but there’s a reason you choose to invest in it.

ALDF Calling for An Animal Abuser Registry

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These laws would make a dramatic difference in keeping offenders away from potential new victims by allowing animal shelters and humane societies to more thoroughly screen potential adopters-and by alerting the public to their whereabouts. Many animal abusers have a history of domestic violence or other criminal activity, and there is a disturbing trend of animal abuse among our country's most notorious serial killers. Here's the email I got from ALDF.

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Organizations Putting Animals First

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From medical assistance to fundraising, education and adoption events, PAC 911 does all it can to improve the situation of animals in its area. She writes about the latest online mba news and current trends among online entrepreneurs. In the fast-paced world of today, it seems people are always on the go. Between running errands, working late and worrying about the bottom-line, it’s no wonder our four-legged and winged friends so often go overlooked and neglected.

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Dog Collars

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Middle class adoption of dog ownership required affordable collars, just like today’s mass marketed collar industry. Modern dog collar options follow historical trends, resulting in varieties that are both traditional and modern. By Augie Berings, Bering’s Hardware.

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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Shon Rahrig : While living in Ohio in 1999, Rahrig allegedly adopted several cats and a puppy from local shelters and tortured them sadistically. Rahrig was forbidden to own an animal for five years, but he was subsequently seen at an adoption event in California. Many animal abusers have a history of domestic violence or other criminal activity, and there is a disturbing trend of animal abuse among our country’s most notorious serial killers.”.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Specifically, the increasing meat-consumption trend could be reversed if consumers paid the true price for meat. If these policies were adopted, small-scale animal agriculture would be a more economical model, and people would eat less meat. To the Editor: Re “ From Hoof to Dinner Table, a New Bid to Cut Emissions ” (front page, Dec. 4): There is a solution to at least some of the beef industry’s sustainability woes, and that is to raise cows in a pasture-based system.

Halloween and Sugar Chic Couture

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Here is a bit more about Niki the shop owner, and why she started her shop: After a break from touring as a triple-threat (dancer/singer/actress) and adopting her own Maltese, Sugar, Niki Rochelle established Sugar Chic Couture in 2008.

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