Birding Eastern Zimbabwe

10,000 Birds

Situated slap-bang on the Zim/Mozambique border, this used to be one of the most productive birding sites in the country. This forced us to abandon the vehicle and walk the 15 miles to the nearest village where a bush-mechanic walked back with us at night to our vehicle and temporarily patched the hole. And, if you plan to bird the Mozambique side beware of old landmines, souvenirs from the brutal civil wars.

Review: Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa

10,000 Birds

Whoever is in charge of names in the area had abandoned an unwise relationship with compound names ((meaning Redwinged Starlings were Red-winged Starlings again) and seemed to have shifted the names of lots of species around in the hopes of aligning them with the IOC (goodbye louries).

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