Argentine Dog Saves Baby

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A dog in Argentina saved an abandoned baby. The baby, weighing 4kg (8lb 13oz), had some slight injuries, but no bite marks. The owner called the police and the child is now being looked after by the authorities, while a decision is taken about his future

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Birdwatching Laguna de los Pozuelos – Trip Report

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Continued from: Birding Humauca and Abra Pampa – Northern Argentina Trip Report. After a goodnight sleep in a simple and clean hostal in Abra Pampa, we got up early so we could reach Laguna de Los Pozuelos at sunrise for a full day birding at one of the iconic places in Northern Argentina. It was one of the first lakes in Argentina to be included in the Ramsar list since 1992. It did not seemed like an abandoned place but there was no-one.

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King Wood Rails on the compost heap.

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Art has since been abandoned, but the memory abides of birds taking advantage of Man’s labours and the pleasure to be found as they become very approachable into the bargain. The memory was triggered recently by a weed catcher on Laguna de los Copios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Interactions between birds and Man are not news to many of you. My mother’s favourite sight is a tractor being followed by gulls as it ploughs the autumn fields.

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The Endangered Andean Flamingo

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The largest of the Andean flamingos is native to the wetlands and shallow alkaline lakes of the high Andes mountain range, from southern Perú to northwestern Argentina and northern Chile. Flamingos have been reported to abandon their nesting sites even when mining was initiated after the establishment of nesting colonies when the birds were expected to be engaged in a breeding attempt and were less likely to leave the colonies.

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The Emotional Lives of Animals

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Sometimes a chimpanzee, usually an adult male, will dance at a waterfall with total abandon. And outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a dog rescued an abandoned baby by placing him safely among her own newborn puppies. Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience. by Marc Bekoff. Scientific research shows that many animals are very intelligent and have sensory and motor abilities that dwarf ours.

The Everglade Snail Kite Is Making a Comeback

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Finally, the exotic Island snail occurs in Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia where they are consumed by Snail Kites there (the Snail Kite occur throughout South America, the Everglade Snail Kite is a sub-species). Exotic apple snail (left) and native apple snail (right) Photo: The Pomacea Project. Adult kites are also known to abandon their chicks when they are unable to find enough food for the chicks and themselves.

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Manx Shearwaters

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As a youngster of 10-weeks old, it is abandoned by its parents and left to fend for itself. The long shifts before swapping duties reduce the number of times that the birds have to run the gauntlet of the gulls and increase their chances of succesfully raising the chick to the age of abandonment. You have got to admire the Manx Shearwater.

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