Collaborative list – January 2020

10,000 Birds

For 2020, the list will only contain the relevant month’s sightings to avoid huge, bulky posts as the year progresses. These are the opening stats for 2020. 17 Jan 2020. 05 Jan 2020. La Selva (OTS Reserve). 28 Jan 2020. 05 Jan 2020. 05 Jan 2020. 10 Jan 2020. 01 Jan 2020. 25 Jan 2020. 05 Jan 2020. 05 Jan 2020. 01 Jan 2020. 18 Jan 2020. 01 Jan 2020. 02 Jan 2020. 01 Jan 2020.

2020 54

Threatened Birds of Nanhui, Shanghai

10,000 Birds

A former World Wildlife reserve in Nanhui was simply turned into agricultural land. By some measures, Shanghai is the most populated city in the world. That does not make it sound like a very promising or important bird habitat. And yet it is. Shanghai is located on the coast of the East China Sea and lies right on the East Asian–Australasian Flyway.

2020 58

Wild Sri Lanka

10,000 Birds

As Bill Oddie noticed in his foreword to ‘Wild Sri Lanka’ (2nd edition) by Gehan De Silva Wijeyeratne, this island paradise is probably the only country in the world where almost all books on wildlife were authored by a single person. Wild Sri Lanka brings together top wildlife stories, many of which have come to light only in the recent years. Such a concept seems perfect for a phone app on Sri Lanka wildlife watching. Publication date 09 Apr 2020.