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A Walk in the Desert

10,000 Birds

During our tenure there, we had exceptional views of Africa’s largest ( Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl ) and smallest ( African Scops Owl ) owls, the largest bird on the planet, not neglecting numerous hornbills, sunbirds and weavers. After being home for just over a month, I’ve been doing two things to keep my birding sanity. Firstly, I’ve been birding the heck out of our backyard, and encouraging people to do the same (both here and elsewhere ).

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So proud!

10,000 Birds

Taking a leaf from my neighbour’s gardening technique, I have embraced the neglectful method of gardening. Whilst my neighbour applauded my wild patches, he has now convinced me of the need for “joined up” neglect. The theory being that supplying the seed is as far as you need to exert yourself. “Once the seed is sown, it’s on its own.”

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The Dracula Bird

10,000 Birds

And that represents an enormous number of parents from other species neglecting their own young. I hope you will forgive my rather lurid title. No, I am not going to tell you about some blood-sucking bird with hypnotic powers. I am only responding to my subjective impression of a single species’ appearance here; specifically, that of the Bronzed Cowbird. For our Old World readers, yes, I am aware that Oxpeckers would be more deserving of this title.).

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Collaborative List – November 2018

10,000 Birds

He pointed out that Illinois had been sadly neglected up to this point, so Redgannet made a special visit to Chicago to redress this oversight. A big thank you goes out to Tristan, who demonstrated that at least one person reads this drivel. Tom and Pat were toe to toe in Costa Rica , so the numbers from there outshone anything else on the list for November, with over 60% of the month’s total shared between them. 8 beats shared 126 checklists accounting for 704 species.

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