Birding for the Curious: A Book Review

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For example, on finding gulls: Close study of gulls is not for everyone, and birders shouldn’t feel obligated to get deep into it if you prefer colorful, less-confusing, families of birds. This makes for an attractive looking book, but I do think that the page space could have been put to better use, maybe for a listing of the resources (organizations, field guides, citizen science websites) recommended throughout the book. September 15, 2015.

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Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation: A Book Review by a Curious Bird Feeder

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How to choose bird feeders; how to make nutritious bird food; how to create a backyard environment that will attract birds; how to survey your feeder birds for citizen science projects; how to prevent squirrels from gobbling up all your black oil sunflower seed (sorry, none of that works). Articles on citizen science, community feeding, and “windows, glass, and feeding stations,” help emphasize the connection between personal actions and the larger conservation picture.

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Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean: A Book Review by a Lover of Parliaments

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His many book titles include Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds , a finalist for the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction, The Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost Species (2002), Return to Wild America: A Yearlong Search for the Continent’s Natural Soul (2005), and Of a Feather: A Brief History of American Birding (2007). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (October 13, 2015).

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How The Bird Got Its Beak

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But this work also serves to remind us that the processes of genetic change that results eventually in new species, and the occasional adaptive radiation of myriad species (like the birds), is about as well understood by science as the ecology of a rain forest is understood by a grub that greedily eats a tiny portion of one of the trees in that forest. Birds are a subset of dinosaurs (See: Honey, I Shrunk the Dinosaurs.

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Birding By Impression: A Book Review

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I would be more apt to accept the science of BBI if the science of hemispheric brain functions was not subject to so much misconceptions and simplification.* Instead, we get references and quotes from Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink , the popular science book that takes bits and pieces from various research projects to make the case that we make choices without consciously thinking. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, May 2015.

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Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

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I wasn’t there to birdwatch, however, I was volunteering with Wildlife ACT, a conservation organisation that provides science monitoring to the parks of Zululand in South Africa (and increasingly, beyond). It was pretty awesome to see so many tuskers, as well as families of elephants safe in their special park. A loud and gorgeous family of Retz’s Helmetshrikes passed through one morning when the prospect of going out in the truck was too much.

Best Bird of the Year for 2015

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As 2015 comes to a close and birders the world over start thinking about what 2016 will bring we here at 10,000 Birds would like to take a moment to celebrate our best birds of 2015. Each Beat Writer was given the opportunity to share their Best Bird of the Year for 2015 and, as usual, we had some pretty solid birds. 2015 was great and here’s hoping 2016 will be even better. I got my best bird of the year a bit late in 2015.

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Dragonflies and Damselflies of Costa Rica: A Field Guide–A Book Review

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Species are arranged by family and genus along taxonomic lines, but not always in accordance with the very latest molecular DNA research. He has described six new species of Odonata from Costa Rica, including, in 2015, the Canopy Dragonlet, Erythrodiplax laselva , which breeds in bromeliads.

Birds of Chile – A Photo Guide

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Guiding aside, Howell is a research associate at the California Academy of Sciences and the author of many books, including Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America (Princeton). If you want to write a bird guide, you should have guided people yourself.

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Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species–A Book Review

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Marybeth learns as she birds, embraces listing goals as a means of engaging with community, unabashedly enjoys a little competition, struggles to balance her absolute joy in birding with unexpected, life-and-death family obligations. Louisiana is a magical place to bird.

Bird Talk: An Exploration of Avian Communication–A Book Review

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Bird communication is a complex and evolving science. Ballantine and Hyman explore how birds communicate and summarize studies on how that communication functions in diverse bird families all over the world. There was a time when I thought each bird species had its own individual song.

Urban Ornithology: 150 Years of Birds in New York City–A Book Review

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Two maps of the northwest Bronx and adjacent Yonkers, one from 1891 and one from 2015, pp. Clearly, members of the birding community and their families–thanked in the opening Acknowledgments section–played a strong role in getting this project done. .

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

This week, Bon Appétit Management Company vowed that by 2015, none of the three million pounds of pork we serve a year (including 800,000 pounds of bacon) will come from hogs confined in gestation crates. Mr. Hurst flippantly questions the ability to measure a pig’s happiness, but sound science—not to mention common sense—clearly establishes that mother pigs locked in gestation crates with so little space that they cannot turn around for most of their lives do indeed suffer.

Bird Books for Children: From Colors & Shapes to Discovering Central Park

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Clearly, author Phyllis Limbacher Tildes, the author of 24, soon to be 25, children’s books, is also a birder (and a little research brings up a presentation she gave at Ogeechee Audubon, Georgia with the biographical information and she and her family “love watching birds and wildlife seen near their lagoon on Skidaway Island.” Jenkins has written and illustrated a number of science-based books for children, many with his wife, Robin Page.

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Far From Land: The Mysterious Lives of Seabirds–A Book Review

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It is not a book for every birder, but it will be a fascinating read for those who love albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, storm-petrels–you know, tubenoses–as well as penguins, gannets, cormorants, and pretty much every bird family that spends most of its life at sea. Naturalists who love science and want a quick way of reading all the seabird articles in Condor , Marine Biology, and Seabird Conference proceedings.

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A Stick! A Bird! A Tree!–Books on Nature for Parents & Kids

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Her children’s books–which include the charming Mama Build a Little Nest , other picture books, and chapter books–evince an easy familiarity with birds, their science and birding ethics. It’s an excellent resource for family and child-learning adventures.

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Collaborative list – August 2018

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Can the whole family live together in harmony during the school holidays? Is it wrong of me to go birding to get away from the kids now that they are at home all day? August is the make or break month for relationships. Bravo if you have. Happy birding if you suddenly find yourself single. This month has been a slow one with just 73 lists shared, but far more happy smiling kids on social media, so I guess it all comes out good in the end. 458 birds were seen by 7 beats in 8 countries.

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