#ShakeItForward Punk’d Puppy

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Well, in the newest Talking Animals video called “ Punk’d Puppy ” you will find out! The post #ShakeItForward Punk’d Puppy appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. What happens when you trick your dog with treats?

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Puppies Predict the World Series

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The puppies predict the world series in this adorable video. Jimmy Fallon welcomes back his panel of puppies to predict the winner of the 2013 World Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals. The post Puppies Predict the World Series appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Puppies frozen in time!

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Cute puppies, frozen in happy moments in time, thanks to 52 GoPro cameras and Orapup! The post Puppies frozen in time! This is such a fun and happy video we just had to share it. Enjoy! appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cute video dogs

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The Bolo Project, A Puppy Shower for Bolo

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Dog is Good, one of our personal favorites for gifts and apparel for dog lovers, will host The BOLO Project Puppy Shower to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind from 2 p.m. 27, 2013 at the Waterfront Hilton Resort in Huntington Beach, Calif. 1, 2013.

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Puppy Bowl Co-viewing App presented by Subaru

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Who else is excited for Puppy Bowl Sunday!? We sure are, and what is even more exciting is the new Puppy Bowl Co-viewing App presented by Subaru. The app will bring you special content and engagement during the airing of the Puppy Bowl.

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Pawliday Giveaway for Small Dogs #PetSmart

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The sweater and the tee are both size small, perfect for a small dog or puppy. To enter simply leave a comment on this post before midnight on December 8th, 2013. We have some adorable goodies to share with a lucky small dog today.

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5 Puzzling Toys That Will Keep Your Pup Entertained for Hours

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A bored puppy is an unhappy puppy, and possibly a destructive puppy. Toys which challenge your puppy to figure something out are a great way to stave off boredom, and they help to develop your puppy’s mind.

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#ShakeItForward Treats for Tricks Giveaway!

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IAMS Shakeables Soft & Chewy Treats for Dogs – 1 of Each Flavor: Gobble ‘Em Up with Turkey (as seen in Punk’d Puppy!). Don’t forget to watch and share the “ Punk’d Puppy ” video– which shows what happens when you trick a dog for treats.

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10 Reasons Street Dogs Deserve to be Defended

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You prevent that dog from producing puppies, and those puppies from producing puppies, and on and on for centuries maybe. No dog is happier to be rescued. I remember the first night after I left the streets.

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Back to School with PetMD University

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PetMD University offers a wide range of courses too, for example in the dog section you can learn about puppy basics, being social with your dog, heart worms, skin care, emergency preparedness and more! When I heard about PetMD University , I was excited to get back to school!

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Giveaway: It’s a Dog’s Life Journal

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Maybe you or someone you know is adding a puppy to their family soon? Did you just adopt a dog? The It’s a Dog’s Life Journal: A Journal of Our First Year Together by Knock Knock is an adorable way to record all those firsts together.

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Jewelry for animal lovers

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For the first time, I was able to find a Maltese represented in “puppy cut” which is how we keep our sweet pup. If you are looking for a wonderful gift for the animal lover in your life, visit The Magic Zoo.

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Welcome Home Mama & Boris: How a Sister’s Love Saved a Fallen Soldiers Beloved Dogs

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When he went outside to investigate, he saw a dusty troupe of mottled, almost camouflaged, puppies rolling in the sand, all presided over by a serious, sleek, dark presence—their mother. Soon, Peter tells us that he can’t find two of the puppies.

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Balanced Nutrition is the Key to a Healthy Diet

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Protein helps support lean muscle tissue for adult pets, and for puppies and kittens, protein nourishes growing muscle tissue. Vitamins support the immune system; minerals help puppies and kittens grow strong muscles and healthy teeth.

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Seizures In Dogs: Could Your Dog Have A Seizure?

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Along with breeds susceptible to low blood sugar that may cause seizures, puppies of any breed are also prone to the condition. Distemper is a common cause of seizures in dogs, especially puppies.

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A Valentine For Bo

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Canine Campers Express Puppy Love for Bo with Paw-Print Valentine. The dogs paw-signed a heart-shaped card as a mark of their deep puppy love for the First Pup.

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