Best & Worst States for Animal Protection

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According to this Technorati article , the Humane Society rated the states on their animal protection laws. BEST STATES California (best-yay!) New Jersey Illinois Massachusetts Colorado Maine WORST STATES Ohio Hawaii Alabama North Dakota Mississippi Idaho South Dakota (worst) According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the states fell this way. BEST Illinois (best) Maine Michigan Oregon California WORST Mississippi Idaho Hawaii North Dakota Kentucky.

Indian Government to Protect Bulls from Entertainment Use

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The Indian government has decided to add bulls to the list of animals protected from entertainment uses. This prevents them from being exploited in Goa, an Indian state that had considered reviving the tradition. Goa was once part of the Portuguese empire which is where the bullfighting ridiculousness comes a Portuguese-American, I can say that.) There are still illegal events though. India blood sport portugal bullfighting

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Ice this Winter

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And while you’re bundled up in your warm jacket and roasting next to a fire, it’s important that your pets are just as protected from the cold as you are—especially smaller pets, old/sickly pets, and new puppies/kittens (they are exceptionally vulnerable to cold). Protect Paws.

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Hal Herzog's "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"

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Hal Herzog’s “ Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat ” (Harper 2011), though fascinating, is ultimately depressing for vegans and animal rights activists.

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See AFRICAN CATS, Save the Savanna!

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A portion of the proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to AWF through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to protect the Amboseli Wildlife Corridor. African Cats ,” which will be released in theaters worldwide, opens in North America on April 22, 2011.

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“African Cats” Giveaway!

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An awe-inspiring adventure blending family bonds with the power and cunning of the wild, “African Cats” leaps into theaters on Earth Day, April 22, 2011. To enter simply leave a comment on this post before April 22, 2011. Win a copy of African Cats: The Story Behind the Film!

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Walk for Farm Animals Scheduled for this Fall

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Meredith Turner, Farm Sanctuary, 646-369-6212, 2011 Walk for Farm Animals Aims to Raise $1 Million for Abused and Neglected Farm Animals Thousands of People in More Than 35 Cities Across North America to Gather for Family-Friendly Event That Promotes Compassion for ALL Animals WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. From the Farm Sanctuary.

A Cute Story of Sandhill Surrogacy

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The Cuban sandhill and Mississippi sandhill are both subspecies of cranes that are listed as endangered and are protected under the Endangered Species Act. SeaWorld Orlando’s Aviculture Team Pair Orphaned Chick with Rescued Sandhill Crane.

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Keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead.

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Consider purchasing a doggie-style sweater or coat to keep your short-haired pooch protected when outside. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW; ) has compiled some tips on how to keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead.

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Hope for Hen Welfare

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Animal Welfare Groups Win Industry Backing for First-Ever Federal Regulation of Hen Welfare Groundswell of Public Support Results in Full Court Press for Nationwide Law Protecting Chickens to Replace State-by-State Initiatives WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. July 8, 2011 – In a groundbreaking move that should result in the greatest advancement for farmed animals in U.S. For too long, animals on factory farms have had no federal protection from even the most heinous abuse.

Three High Tech Pet Gadgets

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Take steps to protect your horse—and your investment—the way you would for your housepets. As animal lovers, we sometimes go to extremes to not only pamper our pets, but to make life with our four-legged friends more enjoyable and healthier for everyone.

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Sleep Number True Silver Blanket

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Not only is it so soft, with it’s 300 thread-count cotton sateen cover, but it has natural allergy protection which will never wash or wear out! Yes pet loving friends, you read that right, natural allergy protection in your blanket! I’m very excited to share this with you!

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Blue-Collar Dogs on Nat Geo WILD

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Customs and Border Protection stand guard over land borders, deserts and urban ports of entry. We are excited to share some sneak peeks of a great new show, Blue-Collar Dogs.

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Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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The activists claim Lolita is being "kept in an inadequate tank, without companions of her own species or adequate protection from the sun.". Read the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service. Animal-rights activists claim an orca is being held in an "inadequate tank" in the Miami Seaquarium. They sued the National Marine Fisheries Service for excluding captive killer whales from listing under the Endangered Species Act.

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Polar Bears Keep "Threatened" Status

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A federal judge on Thursday upheld a 2008 decision to protect polar bears throughout their range as a “threatened” species under the U.S. This is good news. For the full story, here's the link to the Environmental News Network. Endangered Species Act. The listing was the result of a 2005 petition and litigation filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, Natural Resources Defense Council and Greenpeace.

Commissioned Study Shows Namibian Seals Worth More Alive than Dead

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These are the results of a study commissioned by Bont voor Dieren (BvD), Humane Society International (HSI), Respect for Animals (RFA) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), and produced by the Australia-based independent economics consultancy Economists at Large. There is a clear economic case for the government to protect these animals.". Seal tourism brings in more revenue for the African country than the seal hunt.

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Petition to Urge Japanese Government to Require Registration of Zoo Animal Handlers

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The Ministry of the Environment is in the process of amending the Japanese animal protection law. From the Petition Site. please visit and sign. The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) has proposed that the Ministry exempt JAZA's members from the current requirement to register as animal handlers with local authorities.

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Quebec is the Best Province to be an Animal Abuser

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The Animal Legal Defence Fund says in its fourth annual report ranking Canada’s 13 provinces and territories on their animal protection laws that only Nunavut ranks worse than Quebec. That sucks. From the Montreal Gazette. An animal rights group based in the United States has ranked Quebec “the best province to be an animal abuser” in a report on Canada’s animal welfare record.

Second Bear Killed On Trans-Canada Highway

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The second bear to meet its end this year on the Trans-Canada Highway has prompted an animal rights group to call for immediate repairs to a fence line intended to protect wildlife in Banff National Park. Interestingly, we just went on a tour of the Canadian Rockies where the wildlife corridors and fences were lauded by the tour guide as a way for wildlife to avoid the roads. Apparently, there's room for improvement. From the Calgary Herald.

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Best Dad Award!

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He protects his pups, plays with them, brings their mother food, and takes over to cuddle them when their mother takes a break.

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Lucy the Elephant's Case to be Heard by Canadian Supreme Court?

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In their Supreme Court application, the groups say private citizens have a right to seek legal remedies to ensure that governments enforce animal protection laws. Could be. Excerpted from CTV News. The Supreme Court of Canada could be getting involved in the battle over the fate of an ailing elephant in an Edmonton zoo. Animal rights groups are seeking leave to appeal to the high court in their ongoing fight to have Lucy the elephant moved to a warm-weather U.S. wildlife sanctuary.

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Sea Shepherd Busts Whale Meat Importer

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Today, according to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Ginichi Y Ohira was charged in Los Angeles federal court with selling whale meat in violation of the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act. From Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is just about ready to chalk up a win against a California seafood dealer who imported endangered whale meat from Tokyo and sold it to Califorian restaurants.

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Dog Park Dangers

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You never know what your pooch may encounter while sniffing around the edges of the park and he needs to be protected in case he comes across a wild animal (like a squirrel) or simply an unhealthy dog.

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Joy for Orphan Elephants

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Dedicated keepers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Nairobi Elephant Nursery in Kenya protect baby Shukuru from the cold and rain, and the risk of pneumonia, with a custom-made raincoat.

Earth and Pet Friendly Cleaning

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April is becoming known as “Earth Month,” a time of year when many people look at ways they can make “green” choices to help protect the environment.

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Jane Goodall Live

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In 1977, Goodall established the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), which continues the Gombe research and is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. Angelina Jolie and Jane Goodall photo by Eric Liebowitz. Animal lovers, this is a very special event!

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The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary

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Another way you can help right now (if you are American) is by writing your congressman in support of the Great Ape Protection Act, which not only will save chimpanzees from life in laboratories, but will also save millions of tax payer dollars!

Yogi Bear Giveaway

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The DVD releases on March 22, 2011, but you have a chance to win your own copy right here! The Sierra Club has partnered with Yogi Bear to present bear tips, facts, and information on how to help protect these wonderful creatures and help inform your audience!

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Adopt A Turkey!

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Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, promotes legislative, policy, and individual lifestyle changes to help farm animals. Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres and rescue group Farm Sanctuary both want you to Adopt-A-Turkey this Thanksgiving!

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When Choosing A Pup, Research ‘Breeds’ Results

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Protect your pooch. The following is a guest post from Kevin Sloan. At an NYC puppy shelter a few weeks ago, my mind was just about made up when I met Chester – The cutest Lab puppy I’d ever seen.

The Horrors of Shark Finning

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While there are laws in place protecting endangered species of shark from shark finning, international waters are rarely regulated when it comes to the practice. The following is a guest post about the horrors of shark finning. Sharks are a regular feature on television channels like the Discovery Channel, with even entire weeks devoted to this majestic sea creature. However, watching these shows on DIRECT.TV

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What To Do If You Find a Pit Bull

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It may feel threatened, and animals that feel threatened instinctually protect themselves. For example, the petting a dog’s tail; an abuser may have done something violent to the dog’s tail, and the dog may try to protect itself when you touch it there. As a breed, pit bulls have a bad rap. Like every dog they are vulnerable to homelessness and mistreatment. However, they are more vulnerable to being forced into fighting than other breeds.

82-foot-long “Rescue Rig” on Way to Missouri

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American Humane Association has been protecting children and animals since 1877. Following the devastating tornado that ravaged Joplin, Missouri, American Humane Association has mobilized its famed Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team to help the animal victims there.

IFAW rescuers have mobilized to Japan

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With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. Rescuers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW – ) have mobilized to Japan to conduct an assessment and assist with animal rescue efforts following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan.

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From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Keith, I am writing today to ask for your help in raising awareness about the 2011 Walk for Farm Animals, a series of fun, community-focused events taking place in more than 35 cities across North America this fall to promote kindness to animals and raise vital funds to support the lifesaving work of Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

26, 2011 To the Editor: Seamus McGraw mounts all the standard defenses: I am feeding my family; there are too many deer; I kill as mercifully as possible. It is only the prejudice of our species that justifies culling the deer population while protecting our own. 26, 2011 To the Editor: Please give me a break. 26, 2011To the Editor: In “ Hunting Deer With My Flintlock ” (Op-Ed, Dec.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

It keeps animals safe and comfortable and protects them from predators and disease. 4, 2011To the Editor: Mark Bittman wants to outlaw confined livestock feeding operations because, he says, they harm the environment, torture animals and make meat less safe (“ A Food Manifesto for the Future ,” column, Feb. We take issue with him on all three points. Yes, there were a couple of highly publicized manure spills involving hog farms in the mid-1990s.