Roger Scruton on the Duty to Eat Meat

Animal Ethics

All animals would be kept in battery conditions and the righteous vegetarians would exert no economic pressure on farmers to change their ways. Bit by bit the news would get around, that there is a right and a wrong way to eat; and—failing some coup d’état by censorious vegetarians—the process would be set in motion, that would bring battery farming to an end. Roger Scruton, A Political Philosophy [London and New York: Continuum, 2006], 61-3 [italics in original

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Note to Those Wanting Promotion: Pay Attention

Animal Person

By encouraging people to bake with higher welfare eggs (as well as organic milk, butter and chocolate) vital funds will be raised to campaign against battery cages. But that was back in 2006. We bloggers often get e-mails from individuals and organizations in search of promotion. And that's fine, as we all want to spread the news of fantastic work that needs support. Case in point: AnimalEquality.

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Animals Have Personalities? No WAY!

Animal Person

When I started blogging in May of 2006 I was very snarky. Researchers conducted experiments in a lab, then released the animals into the wild, making sure to note that "This was a much harder part of the study, and involved lugging around of batteries," and found similar results. Snark defined blogging back then. And of course, as a (pop) culture whose sensibility has been formed by The Onion and The Daily Show , it's no wonder.

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Animal Advocates' Successes Have Factory Farmers Running Scared

Animal Ethics

On November 7, 2006, Arizonans voted overwhelmingly, by 62 percent, in favor of Proposition 204, to ban the cruel and intensive confinement of veal calves and pregnant pigs on industrialized factory farms. September 7, 2006, a bill banning the slaughter of horses for human consumption( H.R. A column entitled "Ag Industry Threatened by Animal Rights" appeared in today's High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal [ HPMAJ ].

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